8 $teps to Living Your Best Life

If you're facing financial challenges, such as deep debt, lack of savings, and credit problems, you may not be living your best life. If your money is all over the place, it’s likely your life is out of control as well. In 8 Steps to Living Your Best Life, Merrie walks you through 8 financial principles that will put you on the path to financial wellness. If you’re serious about getting your finances in order, get this book today!

Money Management for Millennials

Finally, a personal finance book for young adults that educates and provides practical advice on financial issues. Money Management Wisdom for Millennials gives relevant and relatable ways to navigate unique financial challenges like student loan debt, underemployment, and social media influence on spending.


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Another Testimonial

“I bought the MMW book…loved it. It was spiritual, practical, fun and easy to read. Bought one for my son and daughter. I started keeping track of the money I spend, and I am shocked. Of the 26 days in June, I have spent money on 24 of them! From a $1 toenail clipped to $311 car repair. Only two days this month I have not spent money. I have categorized my spending, and YES brother will be on a budget going forward. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. You have had a dramatic effect on my finances…this is just one example; I have made other changes also. Well done Ma’am. I pray that many others are having and will have their own financial eyes opened…thanks to you. Well done indeed.”
Godfrey A.