If you prefer a more personal interaction, I will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your financial situation..

One-on-One Sessions

Everyone’s financial situation is different. Personal finance is just that—personal. The one-on-one sessions provide personal attention and afford you the opportunity to ask specific questions in a private environment. You’re also guaranteed complete confidentiality. Prior to our session, you will be e-mailed a brief questionnaire to complete. Your responses to the questions will be used in our initial meeting to assess your situation and come up with your initial plan for meeting your financial goals. I will also follow up with you monthly for up to six months to see how you’re doing with your plan and offer encouragement. I will be your biggest cheerleader!

Forget every negative thing you’ve heard about budgeting…


Those individuals who are most successful in reaching their financial goals are those who live by a plan. That plan is the budget. We’ll discuss your goals and priorities and then build your budget using Dave Ramsey’s budgeting app, EveryDollar. In ten minutes, we can have you up and running.  You will be surprised at how quickly your financial situation changes when you tell your money what to do instead of allowing your money to tell you what you can’t do.