Patricia M.

Very informative, kept my attention. The dramatization and examples were interesting and real.


I liked the presentation because you are very realistic, humorous, and very wise. I learned ideas and ways to build my credit.


The presentation was very informative. Some things I was aware of, but these are things I’ve been wanting to work on. You let me know that what I was feeling is okay and I now have the tools I need to change my situation.


Felicia S.

Great job on presenting all of this information. Budgeting and the credit builder was very helpful for me and my household. Thank you.

Phyllis M.

Dynamic workshop which others need to know!

Dora M

I thoroughly enjoyed everything that you discussed. It was right on point! Credit card info was super along with the credit score information.

Craig S.

I really enjoyed the speaker and the presentation. I especially like the part about building credit and managing your credit history and monitoring your credit score. This is great information that each generation in our community needs to hear and pass on.