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Welcome to The Green Room! Join the Facebook community where the conversation from The Green Table continues. Members are encouraged to share financial challenges and triumphs in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Got a personal finance question? Ask it in The Green Room.


Are You Living Your Best Life?

What does that really look like? One thing I know for sure, if your money is not right, it may have a negative impact on most every other area of your life. In my latest book, Money Management Wisdom—8 Steps to Living Your Best Life, I share with you eight principles that provide the foundation for you to truly live your best life.

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Merrie Allmon Allen

Certified Educator of Personal Finance

My mission is to educate and inspire individuals to live their best life by managing their money in a manner that allows them to reach their financial goals. I am an educator, not a salesperson—I do not sell financial products. As a personal finance educator, I provide unbiased information to equip you to manage your money better and make informed financial decisions. I’ll help you understand the challenges and barriers that keep you from winning with your finances and show you a path to success. If you’re ready to take the journey towards a brighter financial future, I’d love to walk with you.


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Money Management Wisdom for Millennials

Merrie’s book, Money Management Wisdom for Millennials, educates and inspire young adults to make financial decisions that help them meet their goals and prepare them for a lifetime of financial wellness.

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